Premium Sports Group

Molitor Sport Wengen is a member of the Premium Sports Group (PSG), an independent group of companies. Together with 26 other sports shops, we were at the forefront of founding this association. But why?

Only the best is good enough

Each store works with a purchasing group, in our case it is Sport 2000. This group is an association of around 3,500 sports retailers across Europe – in Switzerland, 250 retailers are connected to Sport 2000. Now we have set up our own network within the Premium Sports Group (PSG) within this purchasing group.

The online market has scared many specialty-retailers in Switzerland. Many forget that in the course of time a change always takes place. With the Premium Sports Group (PSG) we want to adapt to these new times. We want to be the best sports retailer in Switzerland! With our network we have these advantages:

  • The best suppliers
  • A slightly different collection
  • Highest possible quality (we exchange experiences, learn from each other)
  • We invest a lot in our staff and their training.

We keep up with time and keep evolving. (we implement meaningful innovations)
The list of PSG members can be found here.